Parrot ™ Hands-Free Cell Phone converters. with Bluetooth™ technology means you'll never need to juggle a cell phone and a steering wheel again! Drive Safe, we'll show you how.
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What IS Bluetooth? And why do I need it?

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Bluetooth is the name of the technology that now allows your ordinary cell to become a smart phone. A hands-free phone kit can be installed in your vehicle and integrated seamlessly on your dash. Once we program the device, it will automatically detect your cell phone signal and take the calls. The dash-mounted unit then becomes your cell phone screen, enabling you to see your caller-ID and answer or reject calls with one touch! The speakers in your car broadcast the call so that you can hear everything clearly. Parrot is the brand name you can trust for many hands-free phone models that utilize Bluetooth technology to its fullest. We carry all types of models to fit your needs. Laws are also being enacted banning texting while driving, and this may soon include driving while on your cell and we're convinced that once you've tried hands-free, you'll wonder how you ever drove without it.

How do I make a call?

Your hands-free phone kit has voice recognition. Simply press the call button, then speak aloud and say the name or the number of who you need to call.

My cell already has voice dialing and speakerphone, so what's the big deal?

You never need to fumble for your phone, look down to dial or drive one-handed. No more straining to hear the other party with the tiny speaker on your cell. Call screening is easier because the caller ID is right there on the dash. You can reject the call with one touch.

I listen to the radio pretty loud and depend on the vibrate function to know if my cell is ringing so now what?

One of the best features of Parrot units is that the kit has this covered! As soon as your hands-free kit detects an incoming call it automatically lowers the radio volume for you! Volume stays down during the call, restoring previous volume once call is disconnected.

So now I know what Bluetooth is - what's "Parrot"

The brand name you can trust for many models and variations on hands-free technology for your vehicle, office and home.

I see Parrot items for sale on the internet all the time, can't I just buy one and install it myself or have someone do it for me?

Sure you can buy the products, problem is, who do you trust to install it? Do you have the training? Installers need to have more than just a 12-volt mobile electronics background. They need some knowledge of electronics circuit design and diagnostics in order to interface correctly with your vehicle. Remember that this is your vehicle and you don't want something going wrong that could cost you time and money later. Not all vehicles are plug and play so it is best to check with an experienced installer. Ask to see their work, photos, ask for references.

I purchased a hands-free kit elsewhere and it's too hard for me to install - can you help?

Yes. Give us a call for a quote on what you need installed. We also sell supplies for the do-it-yourself person or pro-installer.

This site has mostly Blueooth® products - where can I find out about Alarms and other upgrades?

Our parent site or by calling or emailing.


Call to discuss your needs, and depending on the job, we can actually drive out to YOU and do the install Bluetooth components on the spot!






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Disclaimer: Bluetooth functions depend upon your cellular phone's capabilities. For more info email or call.


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